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Watch Camila Cabello in new video for “Liar”



watch Camila Cabello in new video for liar

In this new video for “Liar”, American-Cuban singer and songwriter Camila Cabello is stuck in a humorous nightmare loop. This new song will appear on her forthcoming sophomore album, Romance.

Mirroring the song’s lyrics about falling for someone, despite being in continual denial about those feelings, the visual sees the Havana singer reliving a number of scenes that get progressively more ridiculous and humorous as she tries to escape her conflicting emotions.

The clip opens on Cabello on a date with her suave-talking fiancé who appears to be boring her, but soon she’s literally choking from the experience and is transported into a series of nightmares, which the singer tries to escape, but the fantastical loop only pulls her into more bonkers scenarios. Impediments — including an elephant, cyclists and drones — get in the way, and even setting things on fire does not bring relief from her Groundhog Day scenario.

Watch the video below:

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