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Virgil van Dijk Reacts To Sadio Mane’s Injury



Virgil van Dijk Reacts To Sadio Mane’s Injury

They once stood on the same side and fought for the same goal; achieving greatness with Liverpool, which both Virgil van Dijk and Sadio Mane did, but just when both men are set to face off against each other in the World Cup, fate forbids brother from picking up the boot against brother.

It is quite the beautiful story, except it isn’t considering the circumstance which is an injury to Sadio Mane during the Bundesliga game against Werder Bremen could affect the Senegalese’s chance at the world cup, which Virgil van Dijk sympathizes.

Prior to both teams’ Monday FIFA World Cup match, Virgil van Dijk, playing centre back for the Netherlands, expressed sympathy for Sadio Mane, who is Senegal’s leading forward.

Van Dijk expressed sympathy for Mane, who due to recent injury issues will not play for Senegal against the Netherlands at the World Cup in Qatar.

Before the forward departed Liverpool for Bayern Munich in the summer, Van Dijk and Mane were teammates at the club.

Virgil van Dijk Reacts To Sadio Mane’s Injury

Sadio Mane would miss Senegal’s “first game” at the World Cup due to a leg injury he got while playing for Bayern Munich, according to a board member of the Senegal Football Association.

Mane’s right fibula injury was verified earlier this week by Bayern Munich in a statement posted on their official website.

Van Dijk acknowledged that he was disappointed that Mane will miss Senegal’s World Cup debut against the Netherlands.

“I don’t think he will play (against the Netherlands). I was feeling sad for him, first and foremost. I’m not happy in this case as I’ve been in a situation where I missed the Euros. We as players work so hard to get to this stage and he has been such an important figure in that group for their country,” Van Dijk said (via The Independent).

“I know for a fact that he will put a brave face on it, but it’s tough and I feel sorry for him.”

At the World Cup, Group A includes Qatar, Ecuador, the Netherlands, and Senegal.