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VIDEO: “How I almost committed suicide over health issues” – Julius Agwu





In a new interview with Inspaya, Comedian Julius Agwu and his wife, Ibiere, have recounted what they faced during his terrifying ordeal with brain tumours. Revealing what went down, Ibiere Agwu said:

“The first seizure, I was actually in the room when it started. I was talking to him and all of a sudden, he’s looking up and .. I called the doctor on our way to the hospital and he was like, Yes, he’s there. On the way to the hospital, the seizure came again and I started praying. We got to a point where everything just stopped.

‘So now I’m going to be a widow? How do I manage with this children? So I’ll come back home and people would call me and ask me, what would I say? That what? He’s dead? We would start planning for burial?’

“All those thoughts just kept coming. I was praying, at a point the doctor too started praying with me. After a while, for someone that couldn’t just move, couldn’t feel anything, nothing was happening…he just moved his hand. The doctor and I looked at each other. He had no recollection of who came to see him the two days after. When I come most times, he looks at me and (moves head around) he’s trying to figure out who I am.
On his 3 brain tumours, Ibiere said:
“The one at the back, they said was the size of a golf ball, and they were 2 in front, those ones were kind of inside. The whole process actually brought me to a point where sometimes I sit and I question God and I’m like, I’m still young. Why do I have to go through all of this at my age?”
Speaking about the terrifying life and death situation he found himself in, Julius said:
“I’m a living testimony of God’s miracles. My business is show business. I need to show for the business to come. What I remember was the fact that I woke up in the hospital, and then I heard the story of my being in coma. I lost my memory. I remember my Father who died in 2002 telling me to go back.”
Adding that he told his wife they had to leave Nigeria to find out what exactly was going on:
“We can’t continue this, let’s go to America and find out what the cause of this thing is. An MRI scan now revealed that I had 3 tumors in my brain. I started looking for my property documents and giving my wife. One day, they were not home and I almost committed suicide. I call it second chance. That’s God saying this is your own second chance. After that experience, I decided to a thanksgiving song to God and it’s titled second chance,. My covenant is that I would use all my platforms to glorify him.”
Julius elder sister, Theresa Agwu also said: ” I had this belief that as a good man, with the good heart that he has, that he’s not going to die. God won’t let him die. Doctor already told me that they want to take him to the mortuary.”
Watch the video below.


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