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Van-Dijk now a flop after UCL Final—Real Madrid fans mock



Van-Dijk now a flop after UCL Final—Real Madrid fans mock

The UCL final left very much a lot to be desired for the Liverpool fans, and for Liverpool defender, Virgil van Dijk, a lot of expectations as the club succumbed to a 1-0 defeat to Real Madrid through a Vinicius Jr. goal that ended the game.

Ever since that fixture, the Reds have found it difficult keeping it together, especially in its back line as the club has struggled so far to keep a clean sheet and have either conceded first or found a way to concede at late stages of the games.

That trend continued into the new season as the team continues to take the games as yet another pre-season friendly that has now led some Real Madrid fans to chirp in and blame renowned Centre Back, Virgil van Dijk for the team’s woes.

Van-Dijk now a flop after UCL Final—Real Madrid fans mock

From their analysis, they point at the Dutchman no longer being himself after the defeat to the Los Blancos in the UEFA Champions League final last season.

The Real Madrid fans go on to troll the average performances the player has put in going into the beginning of the season that has seen him commit a lot of errors that have cost his team points.

Remarkably was the 2-2 draw against Fulham where the former Southampton man was beaten very often by Fulham attacker, Aleksandar Mitrovic and even going to the extent to commit the player in the 18 yard box to award him a penalty.

The defender felt to yet again impress against Crystal Palace on Monday, though without making any visible errors to cost the team.

To the Madrid fan base, the Champions League final and Frederic Valverde has made him a much weaker player or perhaps exposed him for being not much the hype he fell under.

“Van Dijk ain’t the same since this.”

“Van Dijk has been on major fraud watch since Valverde exposed him in the UCL final lmao. I’m glad everyone is finally seeing what I’ve been seeing all this while.”

“Van Dijk after Fede Valverde and Real Madrid owned him for a second time.”

Some of their quotes went as Virgil van Dijk became another mockery to the social media to troll on.