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US Train derails, kills 3, injures 50 injured in Chicago [PHOTOS]



Amtrak train derails 2

At least three persons died on Saturday after an Amtrak passenger train derailed in north central Montana, TopNaija reports.

The Associated Press citing the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, reported three deaths and other multiple casualties.

Some other reports said no fewer than 50 people were injured in the accident.

The Empire Builder train, which runs between Seattle and Chicago, was carrying about 147 passengers and 13 crew members when five cars derailed near Joplin, Montana, Amtrak said.

Amtrak was working with local authorities to transport the injured and safely evacuate the remaining passengers, officials said.

Photos posted on social media showed multiple rail cars tipped over.

Amtrak train derails

Megan Vandervest, a passenger on the train who was going to visit a friend in Seattle, told The New York Times that she was awakened by the derailment.

“My first thought was that we were derailing because, to be honest, I have anxiety and I had heard stories about trains derailing,” said Vandervest, who is from Minneapolis.

“My second thought was that’s crazy. We wouldn’t be derailing. Like, that doesn’t happen.”

She told the Times that the car behind hers was tilted over, the one behind that was entirely tipped over, and the three cars behind that “had completely fallen off the tracks and were detached from the train.”

Speaking from the Liberty County Senior Center, where passengers were being taken, Vandervest said it felt like “extreme turbulence on a plane.”

Amtrak was working with the local authorities to transport injured passengers and safely evacuate all other passengers, Abrams added.

Photos posted to social media showed several cars on their sides. Passengers were standing alongside the tracks, some carrying luggage.

The images showed sunny skies, and it appeared the accident occurred along a straight section of tracks.

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