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US leads global LNG export market in 2023, surpassing Australia, Qatar, Nigeria



LNG exports 2023: US leads LNG with 84.53M tonnes

In 2023, the United States emerged as the world’s largest LNG producer and exporter, with a record 84.53 million tonnes (MT) of LNG exports.

This placed the US ahead of Australia, which exported 79.56 MT, Qatar with 78.22 MT, and Russia with 31.36 MT.

The IGU’s 15th annual World LNG Report highlighted the competitive nature of the global LNG market, with the US securing its leading position due to increased production and export capabilities. Spot LNG prices averaged $13.86/mmBtu in 2023, contributing to the affordability of imports for Asian markets.

China stood out as the largest LNG importer, with 71.19 MT, reflecting the country’s growing energy needs. Europe also reinforced its role as a significant LNG importer, maintaining the second-largest importing region status with 121.29 MT. This dynamic underscores the competition between Asian and European markets for LNG supplies.

Despite the impressive growth, global LNG exports in 2023 face challenges, including supply constraints and geopolitical uncertainties.

The industry’s ability to navigate these hurdles will be crucial in maintaining stability and meeting the increasing demand for LNG worldwide.

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