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US Govt denies reports on Hushpuppi laundered $400,000 from prison



The United States Govt has revealed the truth after viral reports stated that cybercriminal, hushpuppi laundered $400,000 from prison.

TopNaija recalls that a now falsified court document showing how Hushpuppi allegedly laundered over $400,000 from behind bars surfaced online on Wednesday and went viral on Thursday.

The report as earlier stipulated of Ramon Abbas, AKA Hushpuppi of racking in about $400,000 while in the US Federal correctional facility has been stamped falsified by the office of the US Attorney at the Central District of California.

However, as earlier reported, Gary Warner, American cybercrime expert and Director of Research in Computer Forensics at the University of Alabama, United States has described the reports as fake.

The court’s Director of Media Relations, Thom Mrozek also followed the line of Warner by urging the public to disregard the viral reports about Hushpuppi committing cybercrime from the prison.

According to him, the court doesn’t have any record of such happening, neither did the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) file any such allegation against Hushpuppi.

The official added that the FBI Special Agent, Andrew Innocenti, who quoted in the viral report, as seen in the document, to have filed the fresh charges against Hushpuppi has been contacted and denied such allegations.

After looking at the document excerpted in recent media accounts, the document appears to have been fabricated.

“The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, which filed the case against Mr. Abbas, has not filed any such document.

“We have checked with the FBI agent who supposedly authored the document, and he confirms it is a fake,” Mrozek told The PUNCH in response to an email inquiry by the publication.

Hushpuppi is currently in an American prison facility after he was arrested by the Dubai Police on the count of money laundering, cybercrimes, among others.

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