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Unknown arsonists burn down local government office in Iboko, Ebonyi state.



Izzi local government area  office located in Iboko Ebonyi state was set ablaze by suspected arsonists last night.

Police Inspector-General Alkali Usman immediately  instructed commissioners of police to guide all facilities belonging to the commission across all states after the  attack.

Prior to the attack, two INEC offices in Abeokuta South, Ogun state and Ede South in Osun state were also burnt down by arsonists.

According to the Ebonyi State resident Electoral Commissioner(REC), Mrs Onyeks Pauline Ugochi, the accident occurred about 10am when the arsonists had set the building ablaze.

According to further  statements, “Although no casualties resulted from the attack, the main building and all movable and immovable items inside it were destroyed”.

“political violence, hate speech, threats, political intolerance, misinformation and political extremism are all potential threats to our democracy and national security interests and therefore urged all state police commissioners go work in synnergy with other members of the ICCES to reduce occurrence and threats of violence to its barest minimum with swift prosecution of violators of extant electoral laws”. The police boss had quoted in Abuja according to the force public relations officer, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi.

According to the riot act, the NSA stated that arsonists should desist from attacking INEC facilities, that security agencies had given instructed to deal with individuals or groups working together to disrupt the electoral process.

He further stated,“I am aware of the fact that within a period of just one month from October 8 to November 9, we’ve had 52 cases of violence across 22 states of the federation.


“This is a bad signal. This is something that we do not want to continue. This is something that’s going to result in a lot of complications.


“We’re all aware of the fact that the President, as far as he’s concerned, is committed to upholding and safeguarding democracy. This is what the people want.


“The President has also given his directives through me to all the operational intelligence and law enforcement agencies to ensure that the 2023 elections are held in an atmosphere devoid of rancour.


“Those people who have gangsters working for them. I want to send a very, very clear warning, a categorical and unequivocal warning to each and every one, regardless of whichever political party, including the party of the President, for as long as you decide to scuttle the electoral process, the law enforcement agencies will equally be uninhibited in reacting to whatever actions you have taken.


“You will be visited with appropriate and commensurate response. I want to assure you, and I’m saying this with all sincerity, so those people who feel they have had a history of organising and controlling groups that have an inclination for excessive, immoderate and inordinate behaviour, I want to send this warning to you, please, reevaluate whatever contemplation you have been making.


“Call your people and advise them that as long as they do not behave in a manner that suggests compliance with the electoral laws, you will be held accountable.


“Therefore, it is important for you to call those people, and you know the people under your control, those trigger happy hoods foaming at the mouth, desperate to have the opportunity to undermine the electoral process.


“They will be brought to book. Already, the security agencies and intelligence agencies have been tracking these people. This I can guarantee you.


“You need to do yourself a favour; call your people, your hoods, talk to them, have a nice, quiet, fireside chat with them and tell them to lay down whatever plans they have, because whoever wins in any state whichever party that wins, that party has won.


“This is the intention of the President of this country. There will be no excuse whatsoever. So if you think you can stretch security agencies, I think you’re making a mistake. You need to reconsider your position.


“Nobody’s going to take any excuse because the security agencies have been directed to behave in the same manner. I think a word is enough for the wise.


“Those people in the position to call to order these criminal elements, I’m giving you a word of advice: please reconsider your position.”

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