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UCL Final: Where it can be Won and Lost



As each day passes, we draw closer to the famed Uefa Champions League Final between Liverpool and Real Madrid, as they tussle for the title of European Champions. Real Madrid will be looking to make it number 14, while Liverpool will be looking to make it number 7.

With days going by, a lot of football analysts, pundits and football enthusiast have began talking about the event, the teams’ strengths and weaknesses, where it can be won and lost and who has the better mental strength going forward, since both teams are Mentality Monsters themselves.

Football pundit, Ashley Westwood, has added his own opinion to the narrative.

Speaking about the game, the pundit analyzed that the substitutions made by both or either Real Madrid and Liverpool in the epic clash on Saturday night will or could go a long way to prove a key factor in deciding the tie.

Westwood believes he is not expecting a tactical battle between Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp and Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti.

“Well, obviously, if Ancelotti wins it, he would have won it five times, he’s won it four times before, very experienced. I don’t think it’s too much of a tactical battle if I’m being completely honest. We know what tactics Liverpool play and what tactics Real Madrid play,” Westwood explained.

“What it will be is a feeling. Ancelotti made some shrewd substitutions against Manchester City when they were dead and buried. He managed to manipulate a couple of different personnel, the system didn’t change, but a little bit more pace here, and a little bit more pace there, just a little tweak that seemed to give dividends.”

“Obviously, Rodrygo comes on and scores and injects a bit of pace, so I think it’ll just come down to the feeling on the day and who reads the game best with the substitutions.”

“The tactics won’t change too much, it will be this player performing at this level enough, can this player come off the bench and give me a little bit more in this situation and that’s where the experience comes in and that’s what will be intriguing to see. What substitutions are made at what stages of the game to just tweak things from a personnel perspective but not massively tactical.” The pundit added.

Both teams saw a place into the Champions League final after nervy battles against Semi final opponents Villarreal and Manchester City, respectively.