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Tribunal Judges given 7 days to reveal who wrote PEPT judgement



International pressure is mounting on the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT) Judges as human rights and democracy groups from the United States, United Kingdom, and Nigeria are asking them to reveal who wrote the judgments for the 2023 Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal, along with details of when, where, and how they were composed.

The groups have set a seven-day deadline for this information to be made public, warning of international lawful campaigns if their demand is not met.

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The coalition of organizations includes prominent figures such as Global Igbo Leaders led by Nze Amadiebube Mbama, the Ekwenche Research Institute led by Prof Justin Akujieze, American International Human Rights and Democracy Campaigner Chief John Gregg, Swiss International Human Rights and Democracy Campaigner Bernhard Wanner, and others.

In their statement, the groups expressed concern over the controversy surrounding the judgments delivered on September 6, 2023.

They argued that the justices, as public officers funded by taxpayers, are obligated to provide clear answers to their questions in a world press conference.

They said failure to do so could result in international lawful campaigns, including letter writings and diplomatic engagements with democratic countries in the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, and the European Union.

The groups highlighted one contentious issue where the EU Election Observer Report was excluded from the tribunal’s records.

They claim that the justices have morally disqualified themselves and their families from engaging with democracy-compliant countries in Europe and other regions.

They revealed that the controversy surrounding the judgments began with rumours on August 5, 2023, alleging that the facilities of a former Lagos Governor and Federal Minister were compromised by military personnel to influence the judgments.

Although denied by the camp of the former governor and minister, the allegations cast a shadow over the tribunal’s impartiality.

More recently, lawyers for former Vice President Atiku Abubakar raised concerns about the placement of the HEADER of Tinubu Presidential Legal Team on the judgment copies and the order of issuance of the Certified True Copies.

The Labour Party also joined the call for public explanations, further undermining the independence and credibility of the judgments.

The joint statement concluded with a pressing question: “Who actually wrote the Judgments of the 2023 Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal and when, where, and how were they written?” 

Doris Israel Ijeoma is a journalist with special interest in politics, entertainment, tech and digital marketing. For inquiries, you can reach her via 08097099378.

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