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Tottenham vs. Liverpool: It goes beyond that — Mark Halsey



Tottenham vs. Liverpool: It goes beyond that -- Mark Halsey

We have been told to pretend not to see it even if it is obvious — Mark Halsey on the corruption in the PGMOL.

Tottenham vs. Liverpool showed to the world how corrupt rulings in the premier league can go far miles to ruin the fun in the sport for both fans and neutrals alike.

After Saturday’s hostilities between the two sides, the words of Mark Halsey, a former premier league referee comes into reflection.

Mark Halsey had refereed in the English top division for a period of 14 years, starting from 1999 to 2013 before he retired from the game.

Following his retirement, the ex-matchday official detailed how scripted the corruption in the premier league has gone down for ages, with the PGMOL scripting the outcome of games, even down to the number of corners that can be awarded, the bookings, the fouls etc.

In the aftermath of Tottenham Hotspur’s victory against Liverpool, Mark Halsey’s words are now brought into reflection once more as the world sits to ask if it was just human error that defined the high profile premier league tie or a script fans paid huge bucks to watch.

Tottenham vs. Liverpool: It goes beyond that -- Mark Halsey

“I have been in that situation, when I have seen an incident and been told to say I haven’t seen it,” the ex-referee once said in reference of so many clear and obvious errors that went into games that determined the resulting outcome.

“To be fair to the FA… it’s not them. It comes from within the PGMOL [Professional Game Match Officials Limited].” Halsey asserted.

The former Premier League referee even went as far as alleging there to be numerous instances of spot fixing in the English League and bias towards certain clubs from none other than the ‘Football Association’ itself.

“It doesn’t stop there. We’ve been told to give a certain amount of corners, or throw ins, fouls, bookings etc. The Premier League is rife with spot fixing and bias towards certain clubs from the FA.

“Every referee in the Premier League could be in front of a court one day soon.”