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TopNaija’s Premier League Week 3 Predictions



TopNaija’s Premier League Week 3 Predictions

TopNaija returns yet again with another premier league week predictions as we look into the Premier League Week 3 games of the weekend for football enthusiasts looking for an outsider view of how the games might turn out.

We admit our last weekend predictions went all over the roof but then again, it’s the Premier League and nothing is ever as it is. There are twists and turns, wins you never imagine, unexpected draws and shocking defeats (United getting stung by bees last weekend).

TopNaija’s Premier League Week 3 Predictions

But we still have to share what we think of this weekend’s fixture after all.

So who would be the losers or the winners of this weekend in our Premier League Week 3 predictions?

The games officially kick off at lunch time today at 12:30 pm with Tottenham vs. Wolves.

The game is then followed by a run of games at the same time at 3:00 pm between 10 teams which are:

Everton vs. Nottingham Forest, Leicester City vs. Southampton, Fulham vs. Brentford,

Crystal Palace vs. Aston Villa.

Then there is the final game of Saturday at 5:30 pm between Bournemouth vs. Arsenal.

TopNaija’s Premier League Week 3 Predictions

The Premier League games go on tomorrow, Sunday between West Ham vs. Brighton, Leeds United vs. Chelsea at 2pm.

It then ends with Newcastle vs. Manchester City at 4:30pm which stands as quite the test for both teams especially for a Newcastle side looking to rebuild itself again as one of the Premier League’s giants, and a Manchester City side looking to remain in the number 1 position.

Again the Premier League Week 3 ends with Manchester United vs. Liverpool on Monday night at 8:00pm all fixtures in Nigerian time.

Premier League Week 3 Predicted results:

Tottenham vs. Wolves serves as quite the litmus test for Tottenham and Antonio Conte’s season especially after the draw against Chelsea last weekend. From Spur’s recent performances, it doesn’t show them as the spectacular side that their transfer makes them out to be unless their opponent makes them look good.

With Wolves and a Bruno Lage side looking to bounce back in the league, this fixture may prove to be a bit tricky. It might go in the direction of a favorable 1-0 win for Tottenham considering they are at home, or perhaps end all square in a 2-2 draw. Although the general consensus is a win for Spurs.

Everton vs. Nottingham Forest, one club is looking to bounce back in the league after suffering 2 consecutive defeats, and the other is looking to continue the positive progress made in week 2 in their victory against West Ham.

Can a Frank Lampard side turn things around and earn a victory this time around? Well, there is no denying that Nottingham Forest are the underdogs in this game, especially when Forest is away at Goodison Park to an angry Everton.

Our Prediction is that Frank Lampard is on course for a first win of the season and his side may grab a 2-0 win in a scrappy victory.

Leicester City vs. Southampton, after earning just 1 point from their last two games, Brendan Rodgers would be looking for a first victory he was denied of in the opening weekend of the season, in the third week of the season.

It is quite the tricky fixture but Leicester City will be on course for a first win of the season with a 2-1 victory, and should any other result that is less than a 3 point result gear up, Rodgers will be counting his days at the King’s Power stadium.

Fulham vs. Brentford, these two were responsible for handing the Premier League’s biggest shock of the two past weekends as both clubs faced against Liverpool and Man United and earned results from them. Fulham could have stolen a victory against Liverpool like Brentford did against Man United, but the Merseyside club had quite the luck to nick a point.

TopNaija’s Premier League Week 3 Predictions

But this weekend, Brentford may hit Fulham with a beating they might not expect in a 0-2 victory.

Crystal Palace vs. Aston Villa would see a predicted draw again for Patrick Vieira, as an under pressure Steven Gerrard will be looking to prove himself in the weekend, whereas Vieira will want to start the ground running.

With both teams having everything to prove, a 1-1 draw could fall in place like it did with Palace against Liverpool again.

Bournemouth vs. Arsenal, sees Arsenal as the favorites in this game, but their victory all depends on how they start the game. If they start with a high press and hit Bournemouth early in the game, they will steal out a 0-2 victory from the game.

But if they start out slow and let Bournemouth into the game, a shock defeat may fall on them or the Gunners’ 100 percent start to the season may end in this game with a 0-0 or 1-1 draw.

West Ham vs. Brighton, now this fixture will be quite entertaining for neutrals considering how well shaped Brighton are at the moment, and the fact that West Ham and a David Moyes side will be looking to bounce back into the premier league in order to replicate their 2021/22 form.

Brighton have started the season well in fine form, but their 3rd fixture of the season looks to end in a defeat, presumably a 2-0 defeat.

Leeds United vs. Chelsea, London club Chelsea will be missing Thomas Tuchel on the touchline today but will it impact their start to the season?

It is a tricky question and a tricky game for a Chelsea side that tends to turn up against big sides only to fall out for smaller opponents. It took them a penalty to win Everton on opening weekend, but it took luck going against them not to hit Tottenham in last weekend.

Chelsea could end up stealing a 0-1 or 1-3 victory at full time if their game goes down well for them.

Newcastle vs. Manchester City, is quite the tricky game for Manchester City. Of course they are the favorites, and Newcastle in as much as they have a lot to prove to their fans, they have nothing to lose compared to Manchester City. So it all hinges on a City victory on Sunday if they mount the pressure to force out a 0-2 win.

And if they don’t, they might be on course to drop their first points of the season. They usually do in their 3rd fixture of the season though, most times in 2-2 draws. But don’t be surprised if Manchester City and Pep Guardiola steal out a 0-5 victory.

Then comes the biggest match of the Premier League Week 3 in the North-West derby, the biggest game in England between arch rivals, Manchester United vs. Liverpool at Old Trafford on Monday night.

Although the recent form of United hasn’t made the rivalry that much intense but with history going for it, it is quite the English Classic; a disrespect to Liverpool vs. Manchester City though.

So what are our predictions? The truth, it is going to be a cagey fight. Both teams have not been at their best form, for Liverpool in terms of result wise, and for Manchester United, everything altogether.

But this is a derby, and Erik ten Hag’s official derby as Manchester United coach, so the result from this game might be quite shocking or predictable and boring.

What TopNaija is predicting though is an a draw game presumably a goal less draw or a 1-1 draw again for Liverpool, or perhaps Manchester United bouncing back with a 1-0 victory to tear down the internet.

So ends our Premier League Week 2 Predictions.

TopNaija’s Premier League Predictions ahead of the 2022/23 Season