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TopNaija’s Premier League Week 2 Predictions



TopNaija’s Premier League Week 2 Predictions

TopNaija returns with another league predictions but this time for the Premier League Week 2 predictions for football enthusiasts looking ahead to the run of games for this weekend.

It’s yet another weekend and the most watched league in Europe; the English Premier League returns for week 2 after its opening weekend last week.

Knowing the league for its twists and turns and also for its suspense, we predicted how this weekend’s game might turn out for the teams returning once more to take on its respective opponents.

So who would be the losers or the winners of the Week 2 in our Premier League Week 2 predictions?

TopNaija’s Premier League Week 2 Predictions

The games officially kick off at lunch time today at 12:30 pm with Everton vs Aston Villa.

The game is then followed by a run of games at the same time at 3:00 pm between 10 teams which are:

Arsenal vs. Leicester City, Man City vs. Bournemouth, Southampton vs. Leeds United, Brighton vs. Newcastle, Wolves vs. Fulham.

TopNaija’s Premier League Week 2 Predictions

Then there is the final game of Saturday at 5:30 pm between Brentford vs. Man United.

The Premier League games go on tomorrow, Sunday between Nottingham Forest vs. West Ham United at 2pm.

It then ends with the London derby between Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspur at 4:30pm which is the biggest game of the weekend.

The Premier League Week 2 ends with Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace on Monday night at 8:00pm all fixtures in Nigerian time.

Premier League Week 2 Predicted results:

TopNaija’s Premier League Week 2 Predictions

Everton vs Aston Villa would see out a draw within the range of 1-1 as both teams look to bounce off the poor results from their opening games against Chelsea and Bournemouth respectively.

Arsenal vs. Leicester City would see the same score line of Arsenal’s first opening game of the season against Crystal Palace with a 2:0 victory as the Gunners look to continue their form, with Leicester City’s season taking a downward slope again after the draw on opening day against Brentford.

Man City vs. Bournemouth serves as a test for Bournemouth after their opening day victory against Aston Villa on their return from the Championship, but Man City would build on their form for an eventual 3-0 win.

Southampton vs. Leeds United would see a predicted goal less draw, the first of the weekend as both teams look to build on their Premier League season.

Brighton vs. Newcastle is quite the tough match, but again Brighton would prove a torn to haunt Nuwcastle’s hopes for a 100 percent start to the league. The points would be shared in a 1-1 draw or with Graham Porter’s side stunning the Magpies with the same 2-1 score line as against Man United.

Wolves vs. Fulham, would prove Fulham’s draw against Liverpool on return from the Championship was a fluke as Wolverhampton Wanderers would look to build on to their poor result in the opening weekend last week. Wolves would steal a 3-0 victory against Fulham.

Brentford vs. Man United, would show that the game against Brighton for Manchester United was a fluke, with Man United stunning Brentford to a 1-3 defeat to start Erik ten Hag’s era and second Premier League with a victory.

TopNaija’s Premier League Week 2 Predictions

Nottingham Forest vs. West Ham United sees David Moyes’ side held to a surprising draw in a 0-0 or 2-2 score line as West Ham would go into the season with a sluggish start.

Well, the big game of the weekend between Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspur would see Chelsea steal all 3 points against Antonio Conte’s side at Stamford Bridge with the same score line as the opening weekend, a 1-0 victory or possibly a 2-1 victory.

The final game of Match week 2 would see Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace battle each other at Anfield with Liverpool looking to come back into title contention. Though it would be quite tough considering the injuries to the Liverpool team as recently Thiago Alcantara and Joel Matip are out of the team on injury.

Liverpool would fight hard to a 2-0 score line assuming the defence partnerships of Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez holds off the exciting Patrick Viera side on Monday night.

So ends our Premier League Week 2 Predictions.