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African Music Unequivocally Condemns Xenophobia



Our heart breaks at the killing of our brothers in our continent. No human deserves to be killed unjustly, not in Nigeria, not in South Africa, not anywhere.

As an online platform with dedicated readers across most Africa countries, TopNaija absolutely condemn Xenophobia and any other form of attack on a fellow human. Every life matters.

Africa as a whole has a lot to offer the world, and only with strong trade relations, collaboration and inclusion can we overcome our decades-old challenges.

Violence, bloodshed, xenophobia and hatred of one another will lead us nowhere.

We hereby join other well meaning Nigerians and South Africans across the world to call for cessation of violence and embrace of unity, which will lead us to lasting peace and collective prosperity.

Xenophobia is only weakening our already ‘disadvantaged’ continent. And burning South African owned companies in Nigeria is not a solution. Two wrongs have never fixed a problem. Let us rise as Africans, united, building the continent, not disintegrating it by killing our own.