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Top 6 Billionaire Traits You Can Adopt



Success is replicable because success leaves tracks. Nothing has ever been achieved before that can’t be achieved again. Just anyone can become a billionaire if he cares to know and do what it takes. Billionaires have more in common with each other than just their bank accounts – for some billionaires, striking it rich took nerve, salesmanship, vision, passion and action. Having rigorously studied world leading billionaires, we present to you the guide to becoming a real billionaire. Find out which traits are most common to the ten-figure bank account set, and what you can do to hone some of these skills in your own life starting from now.

Unconventional Thinking

Billionaires think independently and differently. Not only about money but about everything. The time and energy everybody else spends attempting to conform, billionaires spend creating their own path. Since thoughts impact actions, people who want to be wealthy should think in a way that will get them to their goals. Unconventional thinking in this context doesn’t mean doing the opposite of what the rest of the world is doing; it means having the courage to follow what is important to you regardless of popular trends. So, the lesson here is to forge your own way, and let your success drive you to financial dreams – rather than doing it the other way around and trying to chase the money.


Vision is the mental picture of a desirable future. Billionaires are creative visionaries with a positive attitude. In other words, wealthy people not only have big dreams, they also believe they will come true. As such, wealth seekers should set lofty goals and not be afraid of uncharted territories. Aliko Dangote started small and built Dangote Group in Nigeria despite all odds, Oprah Winfrey who commenced The Oprah Show and a media empire, Mark Zuckerberg initiated Facebook which has made him the world’s youngest billionaire…and the list goes on. What do all these people have in common? They all found a vision that inspired them and pursued their visions to realization without giving up! Establish your own vision now!


It is practically impossible to become a billionaire without possessing any skill. Talent is never enough; only skills bring success. I once read about how Writer Dennis Kimbro interviewed successful people to determine the traits they had in common for his book, “Think and Grow Rich” (1992). He found that they concentrated on their area of excellence. Billionaires also tend to partner with others to supplement their weaker skills. If you don’t know what you are good at, poll friends and family. Use training and mentors to refine your strong skills.


Billionaire investing guru Warren Buffett says “Money is a by-product of something I like to do very much.” Enjoying your work allows you to have the discipline to work hard at it every day. People who interact with money for a living, bankers for example, often love creating new deals and persuading others to complete a transaction. But finding your dream job may take time. The average Billionaire doesn’t find it until age 45, and tends to be 54 (on average) before becoming a Billionaire. Kimbro found that successful people tried an average of 17 ventures before they were successful. So, if you want to be rich, stop doing things you don’t enjoy and do what you love. If you don’t know what you love, naturally speaking, try a few things and keep trying until you hit on the right thing. But, supernaturally speaking, the very best way to go is to ask your manufacturer –God. Discover, ignite and follow your passion.


Investment is the key to achievement. It is almost impossible to become a billionaire by only making money; you’ve got to learn to multiply your money by making your money work for you too. Billionaires are willing to sacrifice time and money to achieve their goals. They are willing to take a risk now for the opportunity of achieving something greater in the future. Investing may include securities or starting a business – either way, it is a step toward achieving great financial rewards. Start investing now. 


Billionaires are constantly presenting their ideas and persuading others to buy into them. Good salesmen are oblivious to critics and naysayers. In other words, they don’t take “no” for an answer. Billionaires also have good social skills. In fact, it has been researched and concluded that social skills are more important than IQ. Social skills give you the leverage to attract and maintain vital helpers of your dreams. The ability to communicate with people is essential to selling your idea. Contrary to the traditional view of salesmen, Billionaires cite honesty as an important factor in their success. If you want to be a Billionaire, be an honest salesman and polish your social skills.

Finally, Becoming a billionaire is not a goal that can be achieved overnight for most people. In fact, many of the world’s richest people built their wealth over many years by making smart but often bold decisions, putting their skills to the best use possible, doggedly pursuing their vision, and never giving up regardless of daunting challenges. If you will learn anything about Billionaires, it’s that for many of them, their riches are not necessarily what most sets them apart from the rest of the world – it’s the valuable products or services they offered to earn those billions that really stands out. Above all, it is what you do with what you learn that counts; take actions! Unlimited success!


Compiled and written by Isaac Oladipupo