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Top 10 Education Platforms in Nigeria 2021



Top 10 Education Platforms in Nigeria 2020 topnaija

It was Nelson Mandela that said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.


More than ever before, e-learning is fast gaining acceptance in Nigeria and globally in recent times, and especially in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. There is a growing interest in digital learning platforms by both learners and tutors alike as an alternative to physical classroom and chalkboard learning.

Despite these possibilities, only very few schools have resorted to distance learning. This is because, although it is relatively cost-effective, most schools aren’t able to implement it. Interestingly, distance learning does not incorporate the factors of classroom-based learning such as transport costs, learning resources, special equipment, heavy salaries and the likes. It, however, bears on data-enabled smartphones and laptops alongside consistent power supply, which is hard to come by for Nigerian students, especially those from low-income backgrounds.

As distance learning might not so be feasible, e-learning websites would allow students to learn school work, outside the four walls of the school, irrespective of whether school opens or not. Education Platforms offer a flexible and convenient way for teachers and students to work. Educational Platforms help parents and educators make the most of online technology to educate their children or students. Educators are using technology to engage students in the learning process, and numerous studies have shown evidence of increased interest to learn when digital devices are incorporated into the learning environment.

Following an intense research into Nigeria’s EdTech space, we bring you a detailed list of the most credible and highly sought-after educational platforms by young people across Nigeria and Africa at large.

Top Educational Technology Websites in Nigeria.



In response to Africa’s educational woes, Afrilearn leverages a strong network of quality teachers, software developers and creative animators to deliver world-class affordable education for Africans, anywhere. Their richly-animated and curriculum-relevant video lessons alongside exam practice questions and solutions are delivered to secondary school students across Anglophone West Africa via App, Web and Dongle services. Afrilearn also provides every Nigerian Primary and Secondary school student (JSS1 to SS3) freedom to learn the curriculum-relevant subjects and topics they want, when they want it, and at the pace they want it. It’s exciting to know that finally, Nigerian students can access curriculum-relevant high school education online. Over 95% of students and teachers who use Afrilearn report it is an effective curriculum-specific learning resource, more than any other online resource. So, if accessing quality secondary school education or acing exams successfully is your goal, will help you achieve this effortlessly. To begin your best learning experience on Afrilearn, simply CLICK HERE.



On the Exambly App, students can practice standard curriculum-aligned questions in all topics by themselves and can also practice exam past questions like WAEC and JAMB. Exambly offers free exam practice for Africans to ace any examination successfully. Preparing for exams with Exambly is fun as you earn points for correct answers, stay motivated with rewards, learn faster, and receive instant results

The platform uses standardized assessment items to track performance across learning units and video explanations to boost understanding. It also provides a combo curriculum containing all topics from IGCSE and NERDC.



Ulesson creates personalised learning experiences for learners in senior secondary school to encourage their deep & continued learning, content engagement and monitor their own path to academic excellence. They employ an individualistic approach to learning, applying simplified teaching methods designed to amplify each student’s learning ability with quality lesson plans from the best tutors.

ClassNotes is an e-learning platform and is currently one of the largest e-learning communities in West Africa. With its Learning Management System (LMS), ClassNotes provide every Nigerian Primary and Secondary School student (Primary 1-6 & JSS1-SS3) freedom to learn curriculum-relevant subjects and topics anytime, anywhere.

Based in Ghana, WOLO is an African E-Learning Project. It is a platform created to offer education and skills training to Africans. WOLO is a Ga word which means “Book.” Their story is part of an irresistible digital revolution that is taking place in Africa. Many countries have worked hard to improve access to basic education, but there is still significant work to be done. Wolo delivers complementary, learner-centered teaching and self-tests with opportunities for direct interaction with instructors. They cater to two main classes of learners; High School Students in the formal educational sector learning to acquire certificate and Individuals seeking to upgrade their professional competence or acquiring new skills.

Prep class is a supplier of indigenous learning / academic alternatives that offers each student a tailored learning program. They are focused on linking learners with qualified tutors as an educational technology business. Our goal is to break the formal education norm by offering tutors with anything that a client/learner might want to know.

On the Mobile Classroom platform students have access to a pool of numerous video content that helps solve critical problem areas to give them the edge in this changing world. Their teachers are specifically selected with strict criteria and must have excelled in their chosen subject and topic of reference.

Remoteschool is a cloud-based learning platform that offers safe and affordable interactive online and home (private tutoring). Our platform is designed to help teachers deliver content to learners, by taking advantage of the power of technology and making learning worthwhile, fun, and more engaging. It takes the best of what technology has to offer and deliver effective results for both teachers and students alike.

They are one of the leading providers of facilitated training with an exceptional quality delivery to knowledge seekers, and they provide workable learning solutions for different agencies and sectors in the growing economy of Nigeria. While they partner with the best breed of training and technology companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, PROMETRIC, Pearson VUE, they employ global practices developed through 10 years of professional experience.


National Open University

This is another platform that caters to the educational needs of learners with the combination of technology-assisted, learner-centered learning without social bias or hindrances. It’s a learning platform for adult distance learners.

Akorede Adeyanju is a software developer currently based in Ibadan, Nigeria.

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