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Tonto Dikeh regrets not helping Boy who loses life



Tonto Dikeh regrets not helping Boy who loses life

Tonto Dikeh had the chance to play hero to a young boy at the verge of dying but couldn’t because a painful experience she once had helping the wrong person.

The story is very much one that is relatable to the Nigerian society, seeing as everyone is trying very hard to take advantage of the next person just for a chance to profit.

And this situation contributed in taking the life of an innocent boy who really deserved the help from a Tonto Dikeh who chose to play safe to avoid getting scammed yet again.

Recounting the incident on her Instagram page, the Nollywood actress turned politician expressed the sadness she felt learning the deceased was actually a real person who needed help unlike the last person that scammed her of almost half a million naira.

She took to her page to write:

Tonto Dikeh regrets not helping Boy who loses life

“Few weeks ago I helped out a random fan with almost half a million naira (370k) cause they had mad challenges and she showed a baby and all, one week later I just wanted to check on them. BOOM the account have been deleted, I took it with good faith. I was so pissed, I felt used and taken for granted but I moved on. FF to 2days ago, I saw similar message, seeking for medical assistance. The way I deleted and ignored the message ehn, this morning I opened my DM the mother told me her son died…… My eyes hurt from 😭🥺🥺. My heart aches so bad….

I will hate myself for a very long time. See the amount of damage one person lies and choices have caused. My heart goes out to everyone going thru one thing or the other!! I will beat myself up for this for as long as I stop feeling guilty but the person who made me ignore that message I pray you suffer more than the grieving mothers…”.

The Nollywood actress has championed some noble courses in recent time, notably the Chrisland school girls case where in some students were involved in a case of alleged sexual violence in Dubai.

Tonto Dikeh helped champion the movement to make the video disappear from the internet, pledging N500,000 while also getting her celebrity colleagues to do the same.

She wrote then:

“I have been in touch with someone who can get this video off the net for good! The price is outrageous. @ubifranklinofficial. I will donate 500 thousand naira only and we can push this to concerned fans and children advocator to contribute or the parents can work it up. Which ever way, the first step is trying to heal these kids. And work on how to punish the school for it’s involvement in the cover up and neglect.”