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President Tinubu inaugurates National Assembly library, resource centre



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President Bola Tinubu officially opened the National Assembly Library and Resource Centre in Abuja on Wednesday, marking a significant enhancement in the infrastructure supporting legislative work in Nigeria.

The newly inaugurated centre, named in honour of President Tinubu, was unveiled as part of the events commemorating the one-year anniversary of his administration.

Henry Nwawuba, the executive secretary of the centre, praised the facility as a crucial hub for knowledge management, information storage, digitization, archiving, legislative research, and training.

Nwawuba highlighted the enduring value of the library, noting that it would serve both current and future lawmakers and staffers in Nigeria’s evolving parliamentary landscape.

“It is our hope that all the activities performed during their tenure will be carefully documented and managed for posterity,” he said.

Emphasizing the importance of supporting legislators with resources for critical thinking and legislative innovations, Nwawuba stated, “This National Assembly Library is not just a physical library; it offers access to a world of materials, resources, books, and publications.”

The facility boasts a digitalized environment with a robust e-library, a multi-purpose hall, and other modern amenities. Georges Nehme, the general manager of Dumez Nigeria Limited, which constructed the library, described its eco-friendly design.

“The building’s glazed elevations and roof skylights are designed to bring natural daylight to most of the library spaces, creating a calm environment for visitors,” Nehme said.

The library is also equipped with advanced automation systems, audiovisual technology, and a cost-effective cooling system.

Dominic Umokaro, president of the Nigeria Library Association, hailed the library as a source of pride for the library profession, asserting, “We need to build a nation that is a leading nation, and for us to be a leading nation, we must be a reading nation.”

The chairman of the House Committee on Library Trust Fund, Yusuf Galambi, emphasized the library’s role in educating National Assembly members, Nigerians, and foreign researchers. “The National Assembly Library is full of almost everything you need to know about Nigeria and the Nigerian parliament,” he said.

The inauguration of the National Assembly Library and Resource Centre represents a significant step towards fostering a culture of research, critical thinking, and innovation within Nigeria’s legislative framework.

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