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Tinubu Certificate Saga: “A very bad image on Nigeria” — Labour Party



Tinubu Certificate Saga: "A bad image on Nigeria" -- Labour Party

The Labour Party (LP) has entered the fray regarding the controversy surrounding President Bola Tinubu’s academic records reportedly from Chicago State University (CSU).

The development comes in the wake of a statement by a top CSU official, Carl Westberg, who asserted that a replacement copy of the Diploma certificate submitted by Tinubu to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) did not originate from the university.

Westberg, who holds the position of Registrar at the institution, made this revelation under oath during recent court proceedings and indicated that he was seeing the Diploma certificate copy for the first time in those proceedings.

In response to this development, various reactions have emerged from Nigerians, with the Labour Party (LP) also weighing in on the matter.

The LP discussed the exposure of details related to Tinubu’s academic records by CSU and the implications it holds for Nigeria’s image on the global stage.

The National Publicity Secretary of the LP, Obiora Ifoh, addressed the issue during an interview with Vanguard. Ifoh stressed that the revelation had far-reaching consequences for Nigeria’s reputation internationally.

He noted that the significance of the saga extends beyond the question of whether or not President Tinubu attended Chicago State University.

Ifoh commented;

“This whole saga goes beyond the issue of whether or not the president attended Chicago State University; it goes beyond that. The issue now is what message are we sending to the rest of the world?

“What about our institutions responsible for ensuring that things are properly done? We will wait for the Supreme Court to make its final pronouncement on the matter. We will take it from there.”