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TikTokkers Create Contents That Imitate Billionaires



There is currently a growing trend on TikTok where creators are using AI to imitate the voices of famous people, such as Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Donald Trump, and having them engage in conversations and activities that they may never have in real life. While many of these videos are comical and harmless, some creators are misusing this technology to generate troubling rhetoric and disinformation.


The article also highlights the risk of tricking unwitting viewers into believing fake messages and disinformation. Recent deepfakes, including one of President Biden talking about tanks and another of Hillary Clinton reading transphobic texts, have caused experts to worry about blurring the lines between real and fake. This has prompted the startup ElevenLabs, which offers voice synthesis tools, to release a public statement saying it will try to tamp down on “voice cloning misuse cases.”


Overall, the article raises concerns about the potential negative consequences of using AI to generate fake voices and the need for safeguards to prevent the misuse of this technology.

Victoria Philip is not only a Journalist but also a fiction writer and script writer. She is popularly known on Facebook as Onyekachi Ikeh #fromyourfastfingers You can reach her on this number 08135853903