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Thomas Partey Dragged Online By Lady Over Rape Allegations



Arsenal midfielder, Thomas Partey is coming under heavy fire from a lady identified under the username @deffonotchaur on Twitter in the wake of rape allegations painted on the Ghanaian international.

The lady comes out to accuse Thomas Partey on rape adding more light on the alleged incident between her and the Ghanaian international.

The Arsenal midfielder, who has recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons, has previously been the target of rape allegations brought on by his Moroccan lover Sara Bella.

After being detained, it was believed that the earlier claims were the cause why the Arsenal star was initially forced to leave the Gunners’ preseason trip in Germany. He subsequently linked up with his teammates for the remainder of preseason.

But Chaurntae, a woman thought to be the Arsenal star’s former girlfriend, revealed Partey’s most recent alleged incident.

The woman called out Partey on Twitter on Thursday night using the handle @deffonotchaur, accusing the Ghanaian midfielder of attempted rape and sexual harassment.

She claims that on June 19, 2017, as she was asleep and traveling with the Ghanaian international, Partey sexually assaulted her.

On her Twitter account, @deffonotchaur, Chaurntae has since posted further postings and screenshots that offer more insight on the alleged incident.

The Arsenal player allegedly only got away with the act because the day she was raped while on vacation with him was 10 days before a change in UK legislation that gave UK police agencies authority over crimes committed abroad.

Also, keep in mind that on Thursday evening, stories in the UK media surfaced claiming that a Premier League football player arrested for rape was no longer under investigation for one of three alleged attacks.

The attacker, whose identity is presently being withheld for legal reasons, is believed to be a 29-year-old international football player for a North London team.

The football player is still being investigated for two of the alleged sex offenses against two women, the story further said, citing The Sun.

When discussing the alleged experience, @deffonotchaur adds that Partey abused her trust and left her unconscious body the following day, sore and bleeding.

Thomas Partey Dragged Online By Lady Over Rape Allegations

“Why don’t rape victims come forward” look at the way people have treated me. this is why I can’t keep living like this. I did nothing but trust the man I was dating wouldn’t take advantage of my unconscious body until I woke up sore and bleeding the next day.” she said via a tweet.

‘I fought as hard as I could. I did everything right. I went to the police. I reported it to the embassy. I gave my phone up for evidence even though I didn’t have to all for a legal technicality to ruin it all I was brave. Which means the other girl who can forward has a chance’

‘I could’ve lived my life 6 figures richer but I couldn’t live with the guilt of knowing that he might get away with this and people wouldn’t know the type of monster he is. I can’t live my life knowing I didn’t do what I could to speak out. I was brave. I can’t do this now.’ she added in her tweets.

The woman in question also accused Partey of domestic abuse, claiming that the Arsenal player had previously tried to shove her down a flight of stairs, as was disclosed in one of her tweets.

‘I’ve had to sit & watch people celebrate a man who ruined my life, raped me and then tried to push me down a flight of stairs. his club knew, knew about allegations of attempted rape against other women & exactly what he did to me and told me they can’t do anything as I’m over 18’ she tweeted.