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This is certainly the new Mario game you’re looking for



Nintendo this week unveiled a brand-new Mario game on a brand-new game console: It’s called “Super Mario Odyssey,” and it’s a brand new, 3D Mario game coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo debuted “Super Mario Odyssey” in a flashy new trailer on Thursday night, and we’ve got a breakdown of what to expect from the game below:

First things first: This is definitely a 3D Super Mario game, in the lineage of “Super Mario 64” and “Super Mario Galaxy.” That means it’s a “sandbox-style” game. The world is segmented into levels, but the levels are massive and open-ended.

In “Super Mario Odyssey,” Mario explores a variety of real-world locations. He’s got a flying ship for getting from place to place:

One of the worlds in “Super Mario Odyssey” appears to be “Bizarro Earth.” For some reason, people are dressed like it’s 1925, yet the cars are modern-ish. Also, Mario is a grown man who looks bizarre next to humanoid creatures.

This is most apparent in this shot, provided by Nintendo. Most alarmingly, neither Mario nor the “human” is freaked out by their counterpart. Meanwhile, here on Earth, we look on in horror.

But this isn’t New York City (or even Liberty City), despite the decidedly “Grand Theft Auto” aesthetic here. It’s “New Donk City,” according to the signs you can see in the background. That’s a reference to the one and only Donkey Kong, of course.

BONUS: Super Mario actually got his start as a character in Donkey Kong, as “Jumpman.” And no, that Kanye song isn’t about Yeezy jumping over Mario. Mario and Michael Jordan share a nickname. Those are actual sound effects from “Street Fighter II” in that song, though.Nintendo

At least one “boss” character is shown in the trailer — this giant robotic spider. Pretty menacing!


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