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They Play the Saint Game But Condemn Equity—Moghalu Fires



They Play the Saint Game But Condemn Equity—Moghalu Fires

The Nigerian political scene is very much a façade and for former Presidential aspirant, Kingsley Moghalu, the country’s politicians choose to play the 2 faced game wherein they preach national unity but condemn national equity.

Kingsley Moghalu, a former African Democratic Congress (ADC) presidential candidate, has criticized some of the nation’s political elites of being hypocritical and dismissing equality and social justice ahead of the general elections held the following year.

They talk about national unity but conveniently neglect equity, according to Moghalu.

He revealed this in a message on his authenticated Twitter account.

According to Moghalu, the worrying development worsens the nation-building issue in the nation.

However, he counseled elected officials to learn how to strike a balance between their interests and equity and justice, as done in industrialized nations.

He wrote:

“I understand politics is a game of interests. But if we look at the countries that are developed, we see that they did so by balancing interests with equity and justice. The economic interest of slavery had to give way to civil rights and justice, or else America would be a lie.

“In Nigeria, many so-called statesmen and leaders conveniently ignore equity but mouth off on “national unity”. This is a fundamental problem of nation-building in Nigeria. I am really troubled by it.”