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The word ‘hello’ is demonic; if you remove ‘O’ from hello you get hell – Mummy G.O reveals (Video)



Controversial Evangelist, Funmilayo Adebayo AKA Mummy G.O says ‘hello’ is a demonic slogan.

In a new video, Evangelist Funmilayo also known as Mummy G.O of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God has dropped another shocker revealing how the demonic word ‘hello’ came about.

Known for her hellish-based preaching, and rapture proclamation, Mummy G.O claimed to have be confronted by another evangelist like herself, but from Ghana who chastised her of her preaching.

In their discussion the evangelist stated that the word ‘hello’ unlike the scriptural ‘hallo’ is a demonic slogan that translates to the word ‘hell’ when the ‘o’ is taken out.

Watch the video below

It can be recalled also that the prophetess claimed that God restored her virginity even after her wedding.

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