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The Premier League returns to prove Guardiola right




The Premier League returns to prove Guardiola right

The Premier League returns to prove Guardiola right


The Premier League returns but with a twist to prove Pep Guardiola right.

He was right all along.

Europe’s best marketed and most watched League returns come August 6th ahead of the 2022/23 season. And to that effect, the Football Association released an updated fixture list for the coming season.

It’s that fixture list that now sets the debate for a conspiracy theory.

A conspiracy theory started by Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola, which regards Liverpool and the whole of England.

“Everyone in England, the press… everyone loves Liverpool” the Spaniard was then quoted as saying as he raised alarm over a presumed bias against Manchester City.

And now, the just released Premier League schedule list of games and match days prove the point he is making.

The Anfield club has always been seen as being favored in the run of games in the league, particularly when it has to do with Match day 1.

Ever since 2019, Liverpool has always had to play a newly promoted Championship side on the first week of the Premier League season.

It started with the 2019/20 season when they had to face newly promoted Norwich City at home, the trend also continued into the following season with Liverpool gifted newly promoted Leeds United on the opening day of the 2020/21 season.

Of course, twice would mean it’s a coincidence but when it happens 3 to 4 times, it becomes suspicious.

Liverpool on opening match day of the 2021/22 season that was recently concluded, saw a revisit of the 2019/20 Premier League match day 1 meeting between newly promoted Norwich City and Liverpool, but this time, away at Carrow Road.

Flash forward to today, and the League schedule is released, but who do the Reds play? Newly capped promoted Championship champions, Fulham and this time, away in London at Fulham’s home of Craven’s Cottage.

When compared to other Top 6 sides, they’ve all either had to met tougher teams in and around the League or actually had to battle themselves within the 4 year gap of Liverpool starting the season against Championship sides who just got promoted.

It is either Liverpool are lucky on the side of the coin toss season in season out, or Guardiola has a point.

Liverpool’s first 5 run of games as against Manchester City’s include:

06/08/2022- Fulham vs Liverpool

13/08/2022- Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

20/08/2022- Manchester United vs Liverpool

27/08/2022- Liverpool vs A. F. C Bournemouth

30/08/2022- Liverpool vs Newcastle United

For Manchester City:

7/07/2022- West Ham vs Manchester City

13/08/2022- Manchester City vs A. F. C Bournemouth

20/08/2022- Newcastle vs Manchester City

27/08/2022- Manchester City vs Crystal Palace

31/08/2022- Manchester City vs Nottingham Forest

The Premier League returns to prove Guardiola right

The Premier League champions have confirmed that the second match day is when fans will most likely witness it’s new signing Erling Haaland play.



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