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“The land alone is N9.5m” – Man cries out after wife sold his huge mansion for N10 million and ran away



"The land alone is N9.5m" - Man cries out after wife sold his huge mansion for N10 million and ran away

A Nigerian man has pleaded with the public to locate his wife, who ran off after selling his huge mansion for just N10 million and ran away.

A middle-aged Nigerian man pleaded for help from Nigerians after returning from his trip to realize that his supposed wife had disappeared after she sold his huge property for a limited amount of N10 million.

In a video shared on social media, the man claimed to have traveled out of the state when he heard that his wife had sold his property.

This made him rush down to the state only to discover that she sold it for a ridiculous amount of a million naira.

Narrating his ordeal, he claimed to have bought the land alone for 9.5 million naira, paid agency fee, and lawyer, and also paid N500,000 for community development, and his wife just sold it off with the ‘small’ amount for her to disappear.

He pleaded for his video to go viral to enable him to locate his wife, who is currently on the run.

In his words:
“This is my property that was sold for 10 million naira by my wife. How can you sell a property like this for 10 million Naira. This is my house that my wife sold for 10 million Naira. I built 4 flats on it. I bought only this land for 9.5 million Naira. Paid agency fee, paid lawyer, community I paid N500,000 for development.

Then, after I plastered and roofed everything, she sold it for 10 million Naira.
So, everybody that hears this news should help me post it. Let it go viral. A woman that I called my wife. This is the house, I roofed it and she sold it for 10 million Naira and the person agreed to buy. All these iron doors, I already fixed all of them before I left”

Swipe to watch the video below:

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