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The Best way to win any game—Jurgen Klopp



The Best way to win any game—Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp was all of the Liverpool fan base in the 98th minute when new boy, Fabio Carvalho stole the winner with his classic finish off a corner play in the closing stages of the game against Newcastle.

According to the German, he admits there is no better way to win a game than like moments such as that as it inspired emotions from all across the stands.

For one, he may have said that to gloat the time wasting tactics of a Newcastle United side who tried very much to slow down the tempo of the game by disrupting the rhythm at varying intervals.

Speaking of the victory against a rejuvenated Newcastle side, Jurgen Klopp praised the efforts of Harvey Elliott who he considers the best player on the pitch on the night.

The Best way to win any game—Jurgen Klopp

Harvey Elliott produced some moments of brilliance within the game to keep the Reds going with his performances in midfield, while the likes of Jordan Henderson was rather a shadow of his usual self.

Although the referee had 5 minutes added to stoppage time, he waited till the 99th minute to blow the whistle to punish the Newcastle side for their antics during play.

Of course, this generated the controversy when Liverpool were able to capitalize on it to net a winner in the 98th minute when it looked like they were going to drop another point in their 5th game of the Premier League season.

“This is the best way to win a football game. I think that we scored after 90+8 is the perfect response. I’m really happy about that,” Jurgen Klopp reacted post-match.

The Best way to win any game—Jurgen Klopp

“Harvey was the best player on the pitch, without a shadow of a doubt. It was nice to see him pick up from where he was before the bad injury.

“Fabio, what a boy. What a player. I am pretty sure he will want to have that feeling more often and I am pretty sure if he keeps working, he will have it more.”