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Unknown to many people, taking time to meditate daily will actually save you time in the end because of the increased clarity you gain. Through meditation we can bring about greater peace of mind and powers of concentration. The length of time we meditate is not as important as the focus we give during our meditation. If we can meditate with a silent mind for just 5 minutes, we can bring to the fore our own divine qualities of inner peace and inner happiness. The following thoughts will help to make real progress in your meditation…


The objective of meditation is to go beyond the mind. Meditation is quite different from thinking, and therefore, cannot be done by thinking. It entails emptying our minds of distracting thoughts and thinking carefully about a single issue. All the different paths of meditation share this common feature of cultivating a thoroughly silent mind. When our mind is totally silent we can start to enter a new consciousness, a consciousness not limited by the intellectual mind.


In everything we do, we will be more successful if we can concentrate fully on the task in hand. This means being single pointed; when we meditate we need to forget about the physical and move to into the abstract, spiritual world in our imagination. We need to switch off from everything else and put all our attention onto the meditation.


The quality of your meditation will always be determined by your place of meditation. Find a comfortable and relatively quiet place to sit. This can be on the floor or on a chair – whatever’s comfortable for you. It is very helpful to find a quiet place to meditate every day. I have a small corner of my room specially set aside for meditation. You can also use a picture of a saint or someone who inspires you, or just use flowers and whatever spurs you on. If you meditate in the same place every day it naturally builds up a meditative atmosphere.



If we are thirsty, then we drink some water. So also, if we aspire for inner peace, then we will meditate. This aspiration or inner cry is perhaps more important than learning many techniques of meditation. Whatever your reason of meditation, make it your point of focus throughout the process.



Manifestation takes process. We cannot expect results overnight at the beginning, each time we meditate we are adding to our capacity’s; even if we don’t have great experiences then we need to persevere. If we practise sincerely, we will progress.



It is important to bear in mind the goal of meditation is to uplift our consciousness and have a more positive outlook about life and about ourselves. When we meditate well we will have a positive outlook on life and expect more out of life. Keep soaring!


Isaac Oladipupo

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