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The 7000 Conference: Serving with Integrity



The maiden edition of The 7000 Conference with the theme: ”Serving with Integrity” kick-started conversations which highlighted the involvement of people in government, in the war against corruption.

It featured discussions on workable strategies for ascending the mountain of government, to serving and thriving with integrity as public servants.
The objective of The 7000 conference is towards national development and transformative nation-building. The 7000 has taught us that we are not alone on the path of integrity and it is also possible to live and serve with integrity.
A message that resonates is that we can change whatever narrative, no matter how long they have existed. It is in accepting personal responsibilities, standing up for the right values, and working together in unity.
The change we want to see in our nation begins with you and me. We must no longer operate in silos. We must stand up and be counted as one of ”The 7000”
Watch out for more exciting details about the next edition of The 7000, The New Wineskin Church which comes up in December 2020.
God Bless Nigeria.

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