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The 10 rules of sports betting



  • Hint: you’re going to lose more times than you win.
You win some, you lose more
You win some, you lose more

If you bet on a regular, you can relate to this. If you have been considering placing a bet, this is your guide. Your betting gospel in fact.

Be disciplined. You should not bet on every game

  The more games you bet on, the slimmer your chances of winning.  

Keep your real life away from Baba Ijebu

  They won’t have sympathy for you when it happens, so no need for stories that touch. Just keep it strictly business.  

You win some, you lose many more


Sport betting requires lots of perseverance, or you’ll wallow in despair.  

Know the slang

  Or get played!  

Trust nobody

  Someone will offer to make bets for you, you too will allow. Mumu.  

Less popular games have better odds

  Leave Real Madrid away at Sevilla, it is the games between teams you can’t even pronounce their names that have the best odds. Don’t dull.  

Bet on what you know

  Then again, Spain will always beat a San Marino.  

Shrug off the losses

  And if your play doesn’t work out, let go and let God.  

Celebrate the wins quietly

  If it does work out, keep calm and scream internally.  

Never ever bet on your favourite team

  Ah! It’s the day your team is playing one ‘small’ team and you’re feeling like, ‘e sure me die!’ that long thing will happen.   By Jide Taiwo

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