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Opponents have figured out how we play—Alisson Becker confesses



Teams have figured out how we play—Alisson Becker confesses

The Premier League season hasn’t worked out well for Liverpool ever since its start, and according to goalkeeper, Alisson Becker, that is solely because the team has been found out.

The Merseyside team faced defeat on Monday night in the North West derby between Liverpool and Manchester United, with the Reds falling to a 2-1 defeat courtesy of a Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford finish.

Looking at the team’s performance, Alisson Becker admits there needs to be a lot of work down to improve their performances on pitch.

The Brazilian states the team needs to return back to the era of clean sheets, explaining that opponents have figured out Liverpool’s playing pattern and have found ways to neutralize whatever they come up with.

Speaking of the match, Alisson Becker said:

Teams have figured out how we play—Alisson Becker confesses

“It’s really difficult to come here and speak about a defeat,

“We believe that we played in a few moments in the game better than them. But in a game you have to do everything to win and to make better your performance – we couldn’t do that.

“We all agree that we must improve our performance. We have to be more consistent, we have to come back to the clean sheets again and we have to play better with the ball, making better choices – we all agree on that. This is what we are going to chase for the next game.” He said while speaking with the club’s media team.

On how the team can come out with positives following the defeat, Alisson Becker said:

“With our attitude changing that. Sometimes during the games we make a few mistakes that you get punished for that.

“Teams, when they play against us, they know the way we play and they try to exploit that and they try to use that against us. [It’s] something that most times works for us, [but] sometimes we get punished for that and tonight it is what happened.

“Sometimes we have to be more perfect in a game. It’s difficult to do that, but as a team being together we can do that and we can improve.

“We just have to keep working hard in our game in everything and defending with the ball.”