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The Success of Nigeria is more important than any money—Okey Bakassi



Success of Nigeria More Important--Okey Bakassi

Okey Bakassi may be a comedian but he does not see any humor in the current situation his country faces at the moment.

And to his view, he condemns celebrities receiving money from politicians all in the name of campaigning for them in the forth coming election.

Fixing Nigeria is more important than any money now, he theorizes as he tackles online social media users taking on him for his political stance.

It can be recalled that earlier in July, Okey Bakassi made quite the comment that triggered most internet users who do not subscribe to his political ideology, stating in quote then that:

“I lost my “virginity” under Buhari’s administration…yes!…my love for Nigerian was pure and unbroken until Buhari happened to us in 2015. I can’t recognize my beloved country anymore,”

And now, the actor/comedian has released another political tweet stating:

Success of Nigeria More Important--Okey Bakassi

“Fixing Nigeria is more important to me now than any money any politician has to offer. If Nigeria becomes safe and economically stable, people like me will make money from safely using our talent across the country…like we used to. #letsfixNigeria,

“Sorry if I don’t notice when you drag or troll me on social media, due to my political views. I’m currently focusing my attention on who becomes the next president. I’ll get back to you after the election. Pls bear with me #ndiara #letsfixNigeria,” he added.

“Because I’m an Actor, some people want me to act like all is well with Nigeria. I’m a Comedian but there’s nothing funny about the situation in the country.”

The comedian, like Peter Okoye of the former P Square has never hidden his dissatisfaction with the style and manner the current administration has managed the affairs of the nation.