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Strippers pray, speak in tongues before work in Lagos [VIDEO]



Strippers pray, speak in tongues before work in Lagos

A squad of Nigerian strippers has been spotted in a viral video praying and speaking in tongues before the commencement of their hustle.


A stripper is a person who dances provocatively for an audience to obtain tips as payment, and this type of job requires dancing abilities and possibly the ability to work with a pole.


In the video shared online, the three strippers were seen holding hands and praying before resumption of duty.


One of the ladies was heard praying that their clients spray them their “hard-earned money”. They also asked for forgiveness of their sins, spoke in tongues, jumped up in excitement and showed off a bit of their skills.


Watch the video below:

Exotic dancers are often required to travel from place to place when hired for certain events.

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