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Stop Vexing us — Russia Warns



Russia aren’t to be trifled with, and surely they waste no efforts in making it known as it warns the United States of America and its allies.

This comes from a warning the Russian foreign Minister’s office gave to the West for their part in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Stop Vexing us -- Russia Warns

The warning which came through spokesperson, Maria Zakharova on Tuesday, is based on the accusations that the U. S and its allies were laying the ground works to provoke Russia and instigate more crises in Ukraine to risk an open military confrontation with the country.

In Zakharova’s words, she said in her statement:

“Obviously, such a collision would carry a risk of nuclear escalation,”

It’s worthy of note to know that Russia had warned any country within the European Union from providing lethal weapons to Ukraine during the crisis or risk deadly consequences.

Stop Vexing us -- Russia Warns

But that hasn’t halted the western nation’s from supplying arms to help Ukraine defend its borders.

With Russia continually issuing threats and warnings upon warnings, and the west remaining headstrong, it wouldn’t be long before either side unleashes a response.

And as the on-going war continues, the world stands at the mercy of Russia and the West as relations continue to further decline.