Welcome Note

Welcome Note

Success Stories Africa is the most impactful gathering of young Africans in developing communities with a simple mission; to increase the number of empowered youths above the weaklings.


Our past and present speakers and panelists run some of Nigeria’s most respected organizations, own some of the most visited digital platforms, design some of its most-admired products and create record-breaking entertainment contents. They’re inspiring voices and barrier-breaking geniuses.


We only become valuable to people, nations and generations to the degree to which the solution to their challenges come from us. In life, if you don’t meet needs, you won’t be needed. It’s high time we stopped consuming and begin to look inward to innovate and create products and services that will be consumed and used globally. This will be our focus at the Success Stories Africa 2017.


If you’re not allergic to Changing History, I and my amazing team are excited to welcome you!


To Changing History,

Isaac Oladipupo,