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Spanish Football Federation Chief, Luis Rubiales gives up



Spanish Football Federation Chief, Luis Rubiales gives up

Following a dramatic world cup triumph for the Spain Women’s team that turned controversial for Spain, Federation chief, Luis Rubiales has given in to calls asking for his resignation as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

This comes in the aftermath of the widely publicized kiss on Spain forward, Jenni Hermoso that took on a different life of its own.

The unsolicited kiss on Jennifer Hermoso which Luis Rubiales claimed was consented by the player, provoked charges to be filed against Rubiales by Hermoso’s legal team after initial protests from the Federation chief.

In Luis Rubiales’ earlier protest, the Spanish Football Federation president rejected demands requesting his resignation from the position, with the Spaniard going as far as to release a video to back his claims of the kiss being consented to by Hermoso.

The Spanish Football Chief currently is suspended for a period of 90 days as FIFA conducts its own investigation on charges of sexual assault facing Luis Rubiales in the aftermath of Spain’s 1-0 win against England in August.

“I have handed in my resignation to the acting president, Pedro Rocha.

“I have also informed him that I have done the same with my position at UEFA, so that a replacement for my role as vice president can be sought.

“After the suspension by FIFA, in addition to the rest of the proceedings against me, it is clear that I will not be able to return to my position,” Rubiales confirmed in an open letter published on Sunday.

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