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Someone needs to Pray for Nigeria during Sallah, Peter Obi does it



The Muslim community is quite the large one in Nigeria, and for a leader who is looking to connect with the citizens of a different divide, you have to show respect for their views and values.

Peter Obi is one for such as he uses his social media to appeal to Nigerians to show a connection to their country as they celebrate the Eid el Kabir festival today.

The Labor Party Presidential aspirant wrote through his social media aide, Valentine Obieyem to encourage Muslims and Nigerians to continue advocating peace and unity; the needed ingredients to the growth of the country.

“The celebration is a reminder of the need for sincere love for one another and to pursue lasting peace and unity.” He wrote.

“The season is another opportunity to pray in a special way, as the country is passing through severe challenges and need divine intervention to overcome,

“We have no other nation but Nigeria, and we must not let it collapse. Let us now break the barriers of religion that divide us, and unite to take back our nation for progress and development,” Obi advocated.

Also joining Obi to felicitate with the Muslims was Governor Chukwuma Soludo who through his own Press Secretary released a message to call for reflection on the state of Nigeria.

Someone needs to Pray for Nigeria during Sallah, Peter Obi does it

He calls for peace and also for Muslims to emulate the righteous acts and virtues of the Prophet which he notes are the essence of the celebration to offer sacrifice, express and extend love to one another.

“Love is central for God’s mercies and blessings to flourish. Let us learn to love and accommodate one another.

“I urge you not to lose hope in the country, irrespective of the security and economic challenges in the country,” he wrote.