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Some Manchester United Players Need to Leave—Patrice Evra



Some Manchester United Players Need to Leave—Patrice Evra

With a proper return to club football, former Manchester United player and legend, Patrice Evra has revealed a sad fate regarding some Manchester United players currently at the club.

According to Patrice Evra, he discovered there are some not happy being in the team and probably dissatisfied with their role at the club or on the bench.

He pleaded with his previous team to add some new players during the January transfer window and if possible ship up the fringe players who are rather unsatisfied sitting on the bench.

Erik ten Hag’s team needs to improve in more than just one aspect of the squad, according to Evra, which ironically the Dutchman has attested to needing a proper number 9 following the exit of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Frenchman suggested that United could look at players with Casemiro’s level of experience in Brazil.

“We’re probably going to need a striker, I definitely think we need a defender,” he told Betfair.

“I definitely think we need a centre-back, a striker and a midfielder. That kind of Casemiro player, we still need experience.”

Evra added: “I think there are players that are not happy about not playing and they will try to leave.”