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The Only Language I Understand Is Money-Sola Subair



Oluwashola Subair popularly known as Shollycutie has established herself as a top notch actress in the Yoruba film industry, taking up roles many of her peers wouldn’t dare.

The versatile actress has two degrees from the University of Ibadan University of Ibadan in Theatre Arts and Mass Communications. Her latest film “69” is causing ripples on YouTube as well as on social media. She is also a proud producer of 6 films, namely; Fatima, Same Girl, Osu Mefa, Igbeyin, Apeke Ojurepepe and 69. She speaks with Potpourri in this quickie interview:

I have made a whole lot of sacrifices in the industry because sometimes or even most times when we are busy shooting back to back movie, it deprives me of seeing my beloved ones for months and many more.

My unforgettable experience as an actress was when a girl in the industry (who happens to be a daughter to one of our bosses) insulted me publicly. She said so many terrible things to me just because her father is a well respected man, one of the TAMPAN representatives.

Preferred roles

I love to challenge myself, I don’t like to be stereotyped. I love to play different roles in movies but I hate to play an indecent role where men/ guys would have to slap my ass or do all sorts of indecent things.


Good smell attracts me to an opposite sex. And I have never made the first move to start a relationship before 

Love and money

Love? Never heard of that. Of course, money is the only language I understand. After God, good health, money is next and after money is still more money. But I will leave a relationship when a man no longer values me. I am a virgin 

Social media

Social media has really influenced my growth as an actress because it gives me visibility. People get to see more of me and my productions via social media and it really helps 


What turns me off about the industry is the fact that 90% of people there are users. It’s really hard for you to get help without no strings attached. 


My mission as an actress aside from the passion I have for it, is to become successful and a household name so that I can use my brand to unlock my greatness in life and also use my platform to help the upcoming ones.


I have no limits. I can play any role except going naked or doing something nasty that will tarnish my name and /brand.

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