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Signs That Your Spouse Is Manipulating You



– Domestic violence is an identity that is hard to wipe off.
– Emotional abuse can be more traumatic and damaging.

Domestic violence is an identity that is hard to wipe off. But identifying emotional abuse might be difficult. Emotional abuse can be more traumatic and damaging. Although, identifying some of these signs could be very helpful if you are experiencing such in your relationship.

Here are things to consider if truly your partner is manipulating you emotionally:

Trying to look smarter than you are If your partner tries to talk you down every now and then you need to be careful. When your partner is an intellectual bully, they try to appear smarter during any discussion. They make you feel less and they ridicule any knowledgeable contribution coming from you. This is a way to be certain of their power over you.

They want to have the last say
They always want to dominate every aspect and win every argument. Having the last word is more important to them than dealing with the problem in the relationship.

They make you feel guilty
Partners like this manipulate you emotionally, they always want to play the victim, make you feel lagging in your responsibility to the relationship and make you take the blame for what they did wrong.

They make the important decisions
Making the big decisions in a relationship should be the work of both parties. Not involving you could mean that they don’t respect your opinion or they think you are not smart in enough.

They don’t make you feel at ease
They start making you feel guilty for all the problems in the relationship and also compare you with others they think are smarter than you are. When a partner is always pointing out the other partner’s mistakes to them, there is no way the relationship will move forward. you are to encourage each other and to love each other no matter what.
However, these things should be discussed because they might be doing it without knowing the harm they are causing. Source :

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