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Shocking Moment Officers Open Fire On Fleeing Suspect But No Bullet Hit Him



A trending video showed the moment Police officers open rapid fire on a fleeing suspect but, surprisingly, no bullet hit him.

In the video gone viral, the supposed police officers took turns in the shooting of a suspected criminal who escaped.

What amazed many was that no bullet apparently touched the runaway.

The suspect was seen fleeing from a building that is believed to have been raided by these security operatives and he climbed to the roof to make an escape.

Policemen who spotted him immediately sprayed bullets in his direction, but bullets apparently did not touch his body as he kept running.

He continued making a run with his head bent as the shooting could not stop him and he was able to climb onto another rooftop without getting hit.

A video of the shooting was captured by a resident who witness it and netizens were wondering how lucky the suspect was that he did not get hit.

This made many believe the scenes in movies where the protagonist is able to escape while being shot at.


Watch the video below:

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