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“Shame to you” – Pastor criticizes congregation over inadequate ₦100 offering’ (video)



Pastor blasts church members

A viral video is making the rounds of a pastor who’s having a bit of a chuckle at his congregation’s less-than-generous offerings.


In the video, the pastor can be heard saying something along the lines of, “Wow, really? N100? That’s all you’re giving to the big guy upstairs? No wonder the people who give more get all the blessings and you’re still living paycheck to paycheck.”

He also jokingly mentioned that they spend more on fuel for the church van than some members were offering. Check out the video below and have a good laugh!


Some Pastors exploit church members by manipulating their trust and vulnerability for personal gain, such as financial gain or power.

This can manifest in various ways, such as asking for large donations or pressuring members to give more than they can afford, using church funds for personal expenses, or using their position to control or manipulate members.

It is important for church members to be aware of these potential issues and to address them in a healthy and appropriate manner.

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