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Veteran sex therapist, Olivia Bentley who has sex with clients to save marriages



Sex therapist, Olivia Bentley who engages in sex to save marriages

According to Olivia Bentley, sex can be a motivation, and if you are going to engage in it, why not do it for the right reasons? 

Olivia Bentley, a self-proclaimed sex therapist, has disclosed her unconventional method for salvaging troubled marriages: she engages in physical intimacy with her clients.

Bentley, who spoke exclusively to the New York Post, claims that this hands-on approach is “part of the appeal” and has helped numerous couples reignite the spark in their relationships.

With a career spanning 15 years in the industry, Bentley is no stranger to controversy. She asserts that some women have requested her services to “demonstrate sex acts” to their husbands, while others have granted their spouses a “hall pass” to seek her assistance.

The 46-year-old intimacy educator reportedly commands an impressive annual income of $500,000 for her unique services, with a clientele of up to 10 couples per week.

Despite her lack of formal counseling qualifications, Bentley’s unconventional methods have garnered attention.

She holds a master’s degree in education and credits her expertise to her time spent working at Nevada’s Moonlite BunnyRanch, a legal brothel where she learned many of her “X-rated tricks.”

Bentley insists that she is dedicated to ensuring her clients feel comfortable and confident throughout the process.

She emphasizes that she maintains an affectionate and supportive relationship with the wives, aiming to elevate their mood and boost their self-assurance.

While Bentley’s approach may raise eyebrows, she criticizes what she views as unfair behavior on the part of women who neglect their partner’s sexual desires.

She argues that there are numerous sexless relationships and unhappy men who seek her services as an alternative.

Olivia Bentley contends that it is not acceptable for someone to withdraw from sexual intimacy after getting married and emphasizes the importance of open communication and addressing sexual needs within a relationship.

Beyond her unconventional methods in the bedroom, Bentley also provides emotional support and advice to help couples maintain a healthy sex life and, by extension, their marriage.

Sex therapist, Olivia Bentley who engages in sex to save marriages

She encourages her clients to stay physically active, claiming that a healthy physique can boost libido, confidence, and overall satisfaction in the bedroom.

Bentley commends her clients for their willingness to work toward healthier relationships, asserting that those who seek her guidance understand the significance of maintaining a fulfilling sex life as part of a thriving marriage.

She maintains that open communication about sexual desires and needs is a positive and healthy step in the right direction for couples struggling with intimacy issues.

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