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Several dead in South Korea battery plant explosion



Several dead in South Korea battery plant explosion

A powerful explosion at a lithium battery factory in Hwaseong, South Korea, killed at least 16 people and left five others missing on Monday. The blaze, which began after battery cells exploded in a warehouse containing 35,000 units, has largely been extinguished. Local fire official Kim Jin-young stated that the cause of the explosion remains unknown.

Several dead in South Korea battery plant explosion

Firefighters faced difficulties identifying the dead due to the intensity of the fire. Earlier reports suggested 20 bodies had been found, but authorities confirmed 16 fatalities and two others with serious injuries. Rescuers are still searching for the missing individuals.

Kim Jae-ho, a fire prevention expert, indicated that the rapid spread of the fire, fueled by flammable battery materials, likely left workers with insufficient time to escape. President Yoon Suk Yeol is monitoring the situation, while Interior Minister Lee Sang-min has urged local authorities to prevent chemical contamination.

The incident, which occurred in a major industrial area southwest of Seoul, highlights ongoing safety challenges in South Korea’s industrial sector.