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Seven habits of utterly stylish men



Know close to nothing about fashion? Not too worry. We all learn someday, but the important thing is choosing to. So you want to be a stylish man, well you’d have to learn from your predecessors.

A stylish man isn’t birthed, being adept in the style department is learned. You only attain mastery when you have reached the point of effortlessness.

Here are ways to achieve that;


A stylish man exudes confidence because he understands that confidence is the key to looking good.

Nothing boosts a man’s confidence more than when he looks good. Somehow, his entire psyche has made him believe to appear confident, he has to look good. If a man’s lack of confidence shows, then he isn’t comfortable in his clothes.

A stylish man knows how he dresses and is confident in whatever he wears.


Simplicity is key

Making an effort to be stylish is not a license to go for the overkill. Purple, torqouise, and yellow are not friends. Even colour-blocking is a seasonal, risky fad. Keep your combinations simple and wear them with panache.

Quality over quantity.

For a stylish man, it’s better to have a little of the good stuff than a lot of the horrible stuff. A stylish man is also able to tell the difference and isn’t afraid to put the money on it.



A stylish man is his wardrobe. He stocks it according to his lifestyle. He knows how he dresses, in accordance with his lifestyle, and he builds an entire wardrobe out of it.

A stylish man is able to dress according to the nature of his environment. He knows when to take it all the way high fashion, and he knows when to take it down a notch and go casual.

Organisation is key.

Check a man’s wardrobe and you’d tell the stylish ones. A stylish man’s wardrobe is always tidy and organised.

Everything should be where they are supposed to be. This in turns shows a stylish man’s outlook on life and how he approaches things.



Don’t kiss and tell

A stylish man wouldn’t brag about how stylish he is, neither will he give unsolicited advice to whomever he thinks isn’t up to par, style-wise.

A stylish man is modest in his ways and enjoys what he wears simply because he’s confident in it. He knows his place and doesn’t need validation. Of course, if approached for advice, he would oblige but never unsolicited.


Stylish men never plan what to wear ahead of time because they have built a wardrobe around their lifestyle, clothing comes as natural as walking to the wardrobe and picking an outfit that goes with your mood of the day.

It also doesn’t take the traveling stylish man a long time to pack his suitcase. He does it without much ado because he has an idea of what to take and what to leave at home