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Seun Osigbesan clears the air on leaving ‘The Johnsons’



The Johnsons TV series is a popular family comedy drama that has attracted a lot of fans and audiences alike from varying demo graph.

It has featured a few notable Nollywood stars either guest starring as in main roles such as Chinedu Ikedieze and Charles Inojie, to mention a few.

But one of its stars; Seun Osigbesan who is better known for portraying Jennifer in the series, sits to reveal to fans her reasoning for departing the role and the series entirely.

The 30 year old on her Instagram account sent some word texts to explain her actions. In her words, she made it known it was more of a sacrifice to move her career to the next stage, even if it was a tough decision she could think of.

“I know you all deserve answers to why my character #jennifer and was changed on #AMthejohnsons” she wrote out, “Been seeing your DMs, tags and comments ever since the new season of #thejohnsons started airing, asking why my character was changed and telling me how much you miss me”

“Yes, I left, Change is constant, you reach your potential in life, we must learn to give up at any moment all that we are in order to receive what we can become ~ John C. Maxwell”

“It was an extremely tough decision for me…but there has to be a sacrifice for every progress in life” the actress explained.

No doubt, The Johnsons fans will miss the presence of her character and the actress herself, but fans will atleast be satisfied knowing it had more to deal with her own personal growth.

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