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Senator Osita Ngwu awards scholarships, launches educational initiative in Enugu West



Senator Osita Ngwu awards scholarships in Enugu West

Senator Osita Ngwu, representing Enugu West and serving as Senate Minority Whip, has awarded scholarships to over fifteen undergraduates and one PhD student, totalling a remarkable monetary value of Eighty-One Million Naira (#81,000,000).

This initiative was announced on Monday, June 10, 2024, underscoring Senator Ngwu’s commitment to education and his constituents.

In his address, Senator Osita Ngwu emphasized his dedication to sustaining and expanding the scholarship program, highlighting education as pivotal to societal development.

He commended Governor Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mba for the ongoing Smart Green school initiative across Enugu State, noting the collective impact on educational advancement.

Furthermore, Senator Ngwu launched the “Kit The School Child Initiative” under the Geek Development Foundation, benefiting 20,000 public school students in Enugu West.

This initiative provides school uniforms, sandals/socks, school bags, and books to enhance school attendance and enthusiasm among students.

Senator Ngwu pledged to ensure the initiative’s continuity and expansion, aiming to make education more attractive and accessible.

Investing in education, Senator Ngwu affirmed, yields enduring dividends and remains crucial for shaping a prosperous future. His initiatives underscore his commitment to transforming Enugu West into a hub of educational excellence and opportunity.

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