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Sell him Now before Chelsea wakes up—Simon Jordan



Sell him Now before Chelsea wakes up—Simon Jordan

Everton and Chelsea have been playing a squabble for some time now regarding Everton’s young prospect, Anthony Gordon.

Chelsea for a while now into the transfer window, have had interests on the teenage sensation after a breakthrough season with the Merseyside club last season.

They have submitted bids and made contacts with Everton to foster a deal, but the Frank Lampard led side have remained persistent on holding on to the striker no matter what.

The whole squabble have forced former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan to chime in with his sentiments urging Everton to act smart about the business and sell the player before the window closes.

Sell him Now before Chelsea wakes up—Simon Jordan

According to Simon Jordan, Everton stand to gain a lot over the fee the Stamford Bridge side are ready to ditch out to nab the talent.

In a sarcastic statement, Jordan acknowledges the fee the Blues are willing to cough out for Gordon is by no means worth the player’s price tag, and it would be Everton’s loss should they remain hesitant.

Chelsea has made a £60 million offer for the young striker with Anthony Gordon eager by all accounts to make the move with it all dependent on Everton having the final say.

The former Crystal Palace owner though wants the two clubs to get the deal done as soon as possible as he cannot believe the Merseyside blues would be foolish not to grab the opportunity with both hands.

“Sell him now! If Chelsea is stupid enough, let them pay for him,” he said on talkSPORT.

“£60m! What!? Send him in a cab before someone wakes up!

“Everton has to sell now as they have 9 days to utilize this money.”