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Seeking employment? Dr. Joe Abah has a message for you!



Of recent, there has been a lot of focus on entrepreneurship and career development amongst Nigerian millennials. Different opinions have been shared about the best way to put your foot on the ladder of career progression; however, one thing that has created highly polarised views on the subject is the issue of internships – paid and unpaid.

Many people have argued that internships are the best way to get into that field you’ve always dreamed to work in. Others have countered that by saying that internships, within the Nigerian context, is simply dignified slavery. It is simply viewed employers looking for free labour, and not adequately providing value in exchange for the services of the intern.

The proponents of internships strongly believe that it is the sure way for the inexperienced professional to get their foot in the door.

This was elaborately illustrated a few days ago when Director General, Bureau of Public Service Reforms, Dr. Joe Abah shared an inspiring story on Twitter supporting the role of internships.


Having read this inspiring story, it is important to note that the lady in question was determined to work hard. She was given an opportunity and she took it and ran with it.

Also, from the story, it is clear that the environment was a positive one that encouraged her confidence.

In conclusion, finding the right balance is key; good work ethic, knowing your passion, finding the place that works for you, and a determination to succeed.

Own it, young professionals! OWN IT!

We’ll leave you with this inspirational message from Bilikiss Abiola of Wecyclers.