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#SecureIkoyi: Palpable tension as trespassers take over community (video)



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A concerned Nigerian has shed light on the growing menace of drugs, gambling and other crimes in the Ikoyi, Lagos.

In a viral video seen on Twitter, the Nigerian fears that the government may have abandoned the area which is now allegedly under siege by trespassers.

Turnbull-Onikoyi road and Banana Island residents are now hit with a stark reality because no one knows who these trespassers are, what they came for or what their mission is.

These highbrow areas are under siege and something needs to be done fast. The invaders and unlawful vendors are deteriorating the neighbourhood at fast speed”, the voice said.

Watch video below:



Read what Nigerians are saying about #SecureIkoyi trend.

@OluwaseunP: “That #SecureIkoyi video is a disgrace. Those young people painted as ‘criminals’ are menial workers. Workers on construction sites, domestic staff, etc. Where should they eat? At Danfo Lagos? Where should they cut their hair?
The rich don’t want to see the poor”.

@_Lecher: “Checked the foolish #secureikoyi and everyone posting in favor of it are influencers and it’s all obvious copypasta.
Meaning someone is paying to spread this stupid message .
Nigerian influencers are the f***ing worst, they’ll post anything for a cheque”.

@kjasuquo: “The rich are trending #SecureIkoyi
Abeg who will secure Ajegunle?”.

@shelleofficial: “This #secureikoyi trend is funny. U want people off the streets? Provide jobs… Simple”.

@NwabuwaChidume: “He said, Ikoyi is a choice area of the affluent in Lagos but overrun by squatters, which is the poor people in dirty clothes. The video is telling you how much the poor irritates the rich nothing else. #secureikoyi”

@Oae_boardmas: “Na only Ikoyi dey Lagos? , about Obalende, Mushin, ketu, Oshodi, Apapa Ajegunle, ikorodu, Egbeda Surulere #SecureIkoyi. Entire Lagos . Go to ijora and Alaba international do your review about security situation. Mile2 “ na another major red point …..”.

@firstladyship: “#SecureIkoyi is funny. Who will secure the rich & affluent against the poor downtrodden? 22YEARS of Tinubu’s grip on Lagos IGR yielded nothing but: sorrow, slums, squalors, hunger, #EndSARS Police brutality, crime, anguish & widespread discontentment. Elections have consequences”.

@Kayfayemi: “The poor cannot sleep because they are hungry, the rich cannot sleep because the poor are awake. Feed the poor and everyone will be able to sleep. #SecureIkoyi”.

@oluwatofunmii_: “Those barbershops are where your domestic staff cut their hair. The canteens are where your drivers, security guards etc eat daily. But the sight irritates you so #SecureIkoyi”.

@ogundamisi: ” Under seige? #secureikoyi from your nemesis?
I beg, they are Nigerians and can’t be said to be “trespassing ” on any Nigerian street. If you abhorr them, move to Dubai”.

The Revolution Seeker: “Don’t mind those people trending #secureikoyi crap.
During the #EndSars protests, went to Ikoyi & it looked like a goddam fortress! Mobile policemen & soldiers on almost every street.
Dodan Baracks is there, Alagbon is there. DSS has many hidden prisons in there”.

@EngrTeg: “Those youth paid to trend this hashtag are the problem we have in this country #secureikoyi. You get paid to trend an hashtag In favor of the rich, how different are you from those that get paid to sell their vote during Election”.

@Mreriba: “The #SecureIkoyi hashtag plus video are laughable. I mean, the unemployment rate, food inflation, etc, data reeled out at intervals by the NBS are a joke to you? Or you think they are just mere paper works? No! Sadly they have real-life practical ripple effects-& this is a glance”.

@AmeboSophie: “#secureikoyi is trending now let’s hope it will not be secure the rich that will trend next, cos what the government is doing to the poor will eventually turn back at them if nothing is done.

Very soon the poor will be feeding off the rich and the rich will have nowhere to turn.
#secureikoyi ? Make sure you call your Brother from the UK to come do domestic jobs for you so that the poor can disappear from your faces since that’s what you all want so bad”.


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